Jweremɔ nitsumɔ nɔyaa

The CAHP invites applications for a four-year undergraduate degree scholarship.

The successful candidate will be a community member participating in the project, who will pursue a formal education in the fields of Archaeology, Material Culture Studies, Anthropology, Heritage and African Studies at the University of Ghana.

In addition to the scholarship, successful candidates will be provided with on-going mentorship through CAHP for the duration of the degree program. They will also continue to participate in the research, more specifically, fieldwork and analysis, associated with the project during the academic school year and during holidays, to broaden their educational experience and enhance their self-confidence through working as part of a professional team.

Selection Criteria

  1. Academic performance
    Note: Candidates must have secondary school qualifications conferred by the time of application
  2. Project performance
  3. Active community involvement
  4. Financial need

Applications must include:

  1. The application form (Download Here – Word Doc)
  2. A curriculum vitae. Please include your academic and employment history, and any other relevant skills.
  3. 3 written references (submitted directly to committee)
  4. A writing sample of 5 pages. Please outline your reasons for applying and why you think you are a strong candidate for the scholarship (A4, double-spaced)
    Note: Photography, art or other multimedia work may also be submitted for consideration

Essential requirements:

  1. All materials must be written in English
  2. Completed applications only will be considered
  3. Applications must be submitted on January 1st in advance of the academic year, by midnight Ghana time. Late submissions will NOT be considered.
  4. Applications should be submitted to [email protected]  or complete the form below

The process:

  1. Review of applications will take place in March.
  2. Interviews will take place in June.
  3. Applicants will be informed of the Search Committee’s decision in July.
  4. The scholarship will begin in September.

CAHP is an equal opportunity project. All applicants who meet the scholarship requirements will receive consideration for the scholarship without regard to age, race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation or disability status. Previously disadvantaged, mature students and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

All associated inquiries should be directed to the Chair of the Search Committee:
[email protected]

Jweremɔ nibimɔ wolo

Download and complete the application form. ( Download application form here )

Check all requirements above.

Please complete the form and attach the required files.

    Files accepted include: jpg | jpeg | png | gif | pdf | doc | docx
    Max File Size: 1mb