The Christiansburg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is promoting tourism by documenting the history of the castle. They are painting murals on the surrounding walls and this is promoting tourism which helps the local community.

They include the stories of the historian Randoph and Victor Nanka-Bruce, a famous physician, politician and journalist from the area.
The same project has established a library. This provides local children with tools to develop art skills and other learning.

“This year we decided to expand the project so with a grant from the Mellon Foundation in New York we included heritage, history and art project, hence the n murals on the walls to tell the stories of some of the historical family houses and notable characters in the community,” said Professor Engmann, of Critical Heritage, Stanford University. She is also a descendant of former Danish Governor Cal Engmann.

This community based project enhances learning, promotes tourism and helps with the establishment of Osu castle as a museum in the near future.

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