The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is engaged in a project to paint the walls of Osu castle with depictions of Ghanaian history and culture.

10 ancestral homes have so far been selected. The paintings depict warriors, scholars, physicians, steel workers, fishermen and fishmongers, food vendors, and tailors, and others.

Prof. Engmann stated that preserving the cultural heritage of the country was an essential cultural base that can enhance the cohesion of the nation. It will boost tourism and spur on socio-economic development of the area.

A community library has been established. It helps the young generation to learn about their history and culture. it also has facilities to help children develop their drawing and art skills.

She added, “This year we decided to expand the project so, with a grant from the Mellon Foundation in New York, we included heritage, history, and art projects, hence the art paintings on the walls to tell the stories of some of the historical family houses and notable characters in the community.”

Over 180,000 artifacts have been unearthed during the last 9 years. These artifacts are now ready to be displayed in a new museum to be created in Osu castle.

Prof. Engmann appealed for financial support to replicate the project in other regions of the country to enhance the heritage of Ghanaians and to promote tourism and economic growth of the country.

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