An ongoing archaeological excavation at the Christiansborg Castle at Osu has been described as unique.
In a report by, it stated that the uniqueness of the project stems from the fact that all members of the team have personal connections with the site.
Leading the project which is known as the Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project, is a United States-based Ghanaian archaeological professor, Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann.
The report added that this is the fifth stage of a project to document the artifacts and heritage information about the castle.
In her explanation, she said the current form of history around the place is oral and could be distorted, prompting the need for such an empirical process.
The professor, who traces her ancestry to Governor Carl Gustav Engmann, who lived in the Osu Castle in 1757, expressed joy about the project because of the people involved in it.
She added that “all the team members have a personal connection to the site as their relatives either worked at the castle or lived in its environs.”

The project, which started in 2014, is being funded by the government of France.

Source: GhanaWeb