Express News Ghana – CAHP Excavation Stands to Boost Ghana’s Tourism – Prof. Engmann

The Director of Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP), Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann explains that the excavation of archeological artifacts over the last nine years at Osu castle can benefit tourism in the area. The government initiative to convert the castle to a museum would attract tourists. It would be a vibrant resource to showcase the historical journey of Ghana with the Danish, the Europeans and the British during the pre and the post-slavery periods. Professor Engmann stated that [...]

Republic Online – CAHP initiative creating employment and promoting education in Osu

With support from the Osu community, CAHP is breaking down barriers in the areas of archeology and education. The project is also serving as a source of employment for the youth. Presently more than 30 community members are employed. The project is unearthing the history of the Danish Transatlantic Slave Trade, British Colonialism, and post-independence Ghana at Osu Castle. Over nine years over 180,000 artifacts have been unearthed. A library has been established. Its purpose is to  help children [...]

Express News Ghana – We Must Preserve Our Culture Heritage – Prof Ama Engmann

The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is engaged in a project to paint the walls of Osu castle with depictions of Ghanaian history and culture. 10 ancestral homes have so far been selected. The paintings depict warriors, scholars, physicians, steel workers, fishermen and fishmongers, food vendors, and tailors, and others. Prof. Engmann stated that preserving the cultural heritage of the country was an essential cultural base that can enhance the cohesion of the nation. It will boost tourism and [...]

Osu Castle featured in My Publisher 24

Critical Heritage Scholar, Practitioner and the Director of the Christianborg Archeological Heritage Project, Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann made the call to the government to speed up the conversion of Osu Castle to a museum. she explained that over 180,000 artifacts are already available for display. Full article HERE

Republic Online – Prof. Engmann – An incredible 180,000 artifacts discovered at Osu castle

Director of the Christiansborg Archeological Heritage Project, Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann stated that so far 180,000 artifacts had been unearthed at Osu castle. She called on the government to speed up the conversion of the castle into a museum. This will boost tourism and help to portray the rich history of the area. Professor Engmann was speaking after a tour of a new community based project to decorate the walls with paintings. They portray the history of the [...]

CAHP featured in Ghana News Agency – promoting tourism through art paintings at Osu castle

The Christiansburg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is promoting tourism by documenting the history of the castle. They are painting murals on the surrounding walls and this is promoting tourism which helps the local community. They include the stories of the historian Randoph and Victor Nanka-Bruce, a famous physician, politician and journalist from the area. The same project has established a library. This provides local children with tools to develop art skills and other learning. "This year we decided to [...]

Life Outside the Castle

At Christiansborg Castle, a community that embodied the complexity of the transatlantic slave trade is being uncovered by descendants of those who created it. Along a stretch of the West African coast known to European explorers and traders as “White Man’s Grave” due to its association with death from malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and heat exhaustion, Danish soldiers and merchants built a fortified structure called Christiansborg Castle in 1661. The building survives to this day in what is now [...]

Rewriting Ghanaian History Through Archaeological Excavation

Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project Director, Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann has said it is necessary to re-write a country’s history through discovering of artifacts and remains of early occupants. Speaking at an archaeological excavation at Christiansborg castle, she said she hope to have the artifacts discovered displayed at the museum as part of the government initiative announced in 2016 to avert the castle into a museum to display and reserve  the rich heritage of Ghana. The Christiansborg archaeological heritage project started [...]

Ongoing archaeological excavation at Osu Castle unique – Archaeologist

An ongoing archaeological excavation at the Christiansborg Castle at Osu has been described as unique. In a report by, it stated that the uniqueness of the project stems from the fact that all members of the team have personal connections with the site. Leading the project which is known as the Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project, is a United States-based Ghanaian archaeological professor, Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann. The report added that this is the fifth stage of a project [...]

Link to the past: The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project

Archaeology is a very interesting discipline that is sadly misunderstood by most Ghanaians. It really isn’t because of overall ignorance but it is mostly because people do not see its importance to their day-to-day activities. I have, in fact, met many people who have quite innocently asked, Is Archaeology important at all in Ghana?  What do we have that you need to study? Well, we have quite a lot if you ask me. Source: Radio Universe Read The Article [...]

Archaeologist initiates project to document information on Osu Castle

A United States-based Ghanaian archaeological professor has started the fifth stage of a project to document the artifacts and heritage information about the Christiansborg Castle. Prof. Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann, who is leading the Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project, said the exercise had become necessary because the country relied mostly on oral tradition which could be distorted. Source: GRAPHIC ONLINE Read the article

Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project collects 1,800 artifacts for Danish-Ghanaian history

The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project, led by Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann, has collected 1,800 artifacts in the Osu Castle to educate the public on occurrences during the Danish-Gold Coast slave trade period. The artifacts, including Bristo Schweppes bottles and bottles of mineral water, cowries, beads, writing slates, mugs and saucers, smoking pipes and simple farm tools like hoes, were believed to be items the Danish colonial masters and their servants used while residing at the Castle. The Project, [...]

Prince Charles visits Christiansborg Castle 3 November 2018

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, visited Christiansborg Castle as part of his three country African tour.  The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, former seventeenth century European trading post, Danish and British colonial seat of government administration, and Office of the President of the Republic of Ghana.  Today, it is locally known as ‘The Castle’ or ‘Osu Castle’. Prince Charles was escorted by Dr. Hon. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, the Member of Parliament for the Klottey Korle constituency, who [...]

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