Self Discovery: The Role Of The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project – Eagle Ghana

It is often said that, a people who do not know where they are coming from, would certainly not know where they are going. This saying is true for many especially people of the African descent, who as a result of cultural acculturation brought about by colonisation, have become oblivious of their true identity. CAHP studies the history and legacies of the transatlantic slave trade in the context of the Christiansborg Castle also known as the Osu Castle in [...]

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We must prioritize our cultural heritage to drive development – Archaeologist – CNR CITI NEWSROOM

Professor Rachel Ama Engmann, a respected archaeologist of Ghanaian-Osu descent, has underscored the profound significance of art, painting, and photography in preserving and safeguarding cultural heritage across nations. In her view, the domains of art, painting, and photography remain potent instruments capable of capturing moments, history, and heritage, thereby providing inspiration to future generations. She emphasized that safeguarding a nation’s cultural heritage stands as a fundamental pillar for fostering unity within the country, enhancing national cohesion, and invigorating the [...]

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Express News Ghana – CAHP Excavation Stands to Boost Ghana’s Tourism – Prof. Engmann

The Director of Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP), Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann explains that the excavation of archeological artifacts over the last nine years at Osu castle can benefit tourism in the area. The government initiative to convert the castle to a museum would attract tourists. It would be a vibrant resource to showcase the historical journey of Ghana with the Danish, the Europeans and the British during the pre and the post-slavery periods. Professor Engmann stated that [...]

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Republic Online – CAHP initiative creating employment and promoting education in Osu

With support from the Osu community, CAHP is breaking down barriers in the areas of archeology and education. The project is also serving as a source of employment for the youth. Presently more than 30 community members are employed. The excavation is unearthing the history of the Danish Transatlantic Slave Trade, British Colonialism, and post-independence Ghana at Osu Castle. Over nine years over 180,000 artifacts have been unearthed. A library has been established. Its purpose is to  help children [...]

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CAHP Excavation Stands to Boost Ghana’s Tourism-Prof Engmann – Express News Ghana

The Director of Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP), Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann has said, the excavation of the Archeological artifacts at the Osu Castle would go a long way to boost Ghana’s tourism sector. According to her, the ongoing excavation at the Osu Castle, would not only help to re-write a country’s history through the discovery of artifacts of the remains of early occupants but would in a way open the country to tourists to know the historical [...]

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Express News Ghana – We Must Preserve Our Culture Heritage – Prof Ama Engmann

The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is engaged in a project to paint the walls of Osu castle with depictions of Ghanaian history and culture. 10 ancestral homes have so far been selected. The paintings depict warriors, scholars, physicians, steel workers, fishermen and fishmongers, food vendors, and tailors, and others. Prof. Engmann stated that preserving the cultural heritage of the country was an essential cultural base that can enhance the cohesion of the nation. It will boost tourism and [...]

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Republic Online – Prof. Engmann – An incredible 180,000 artifacts discovered at Osu castle

Director of the Christiansborg Archeological Heritage Project, Professor Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann stated that so far 180,000 artifacts had been unearthed at Osu castle. She called on the government to speed up the conversion of the castle into a museum. This will boost tourism and help to portray the rich history of the area. Professor Engmann was speaking after a tour of a new community based project to decorate the walls with paintings. The murals portray the history of [...]

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CAHP featured in Ghana News Agency – promoting tourism through art paintings at Osu castle

The Christiansburg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is promoting tourism by documenting the history of the castle. They are painting murals on the surrounding walls and this is promoting tourism which helps the local community. They include the stories of the historian Randoph and Victor Nanka-Bruce, a famous physician, politician and journalist from the area. The same project has established a library. This provides local children with tools to develop art skills and other learning. "This year we decided to [...]

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