Professor Rachel Ama Engmann, a respected archaeologist of Ghanaian-Osu descent, has underscored the profound significance of art, painting, and photography in preserving and safeguarding cultural heritage across nations.

In her view, the domains of art, painting, and photography remain potent instruments capable of capturing moments, history, and heritage, thereby providing inspiration to future generations.

She emphasized that safeguarding a nation’s cultural heritage stands as a fundamental pillar for fostering unity within the country, enhancing national cohesion, and invigorating the collective spirit to drive socio-economic progress.

In a notable initiative, the Christiansburg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) embarked on a mission to embellish houses’ walls in Osu, Accra, with artistic murals. This artistic endeavour not only portrays historical narratives but also serves to stimulate tourism and elevate the community’s progress.

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