Scholarship Program

The lack of funds is a huge impediment to access to university in Ghana today.

The Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project (CAHP) is a collaborative, community-based approach to the study of Christiansborg Castle, in Osu, Accra and we are seeking to address this issue.

We plan to sponsor community members participating in CAHP, who wish to pursue a formal education in the fields of Archaeology, Material Culture Studies, Anthropology, Heritage and African Studies at higher education institutions in Ghana.

We will be working with the Osu Traditional Council, Osu community and Ghana government to identify and support two disadvantaged, but highly motivated and hardworking students, with university scholarships and extra funding to meet additional costs.

We will provide successful candidates with on-going mentorship through CAHP for the duration of the degree program. They will continue to participate in the research, more specifically, fieldwork and analysis associated with CAHP during the academic school term and during holidays, to broaden their educational experience and enhance their self-confidence through working as part of a professional team.

We are confident that access to a first degree, plus the benefits of mentorship and work experience, will enable our scholarship students to better position themselves in terms of any further degree and/or training, so that they may enhance their career opportunities in the future, contribute to their communities and Ghana’s heritage.

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Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project